Future-proof you business with Genius™ by Cayan. Accept all future and current payment types on one device!

Expert Testimonial

"Genius is a platform that does it all, alleviating my concerns about the future of the payments ecosystem and positioning my business and my customers' for continued growth. I am amazed at the capacity, flexibility, and the ease of use. Genius is unbelievable."

Matt Lason
Certified Payments Professional

Developer Testimonial

With Genius, we can offer our customers more payment options, debit card processing, better PCI security, and signature capture, all in a single, easy to configure, customer-facing device. 


Application Testimonial

"The power of Genius is its ability to eliminate the merchants' concerns and confusion over all of the growing payment programs and offers upheaval. It significantly enhances customers' experiences and allows merchants to gain competitive advantage. Genius is a clear win-win."


About Us

Cayan is the leading innovator of next generation payment technologies. We provide affordable and secure customer engagement solutions and services for developers, resellers and merchants — all designed to dramatically enhance the customer experience and deliver strategic business advantages.

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Lighspeed integrated with Genius. Accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, EMV!

  • Intelligent PIN steering - Ask your sales rep how this can save you money
  • Accept EMV
  • Apple Pay, Android Pay ready - Accept NFC payments!
  • Digital Signature Capture which saves your business time and money

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