Now available: EMV technology – Save $200

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Blue Sage Software is excited to be partnering with Cayan®, a payment technology provider, to bring you a fast and flexible PaceSetter™ integrated EMV payment processing solution called Genius®.

You can now accept secure EMV transactions and save $100 on each of your next two monthly support charges from Blue Sage after you sign up.

PaceSetter is now fully integrated with Cayan’s Genius platform, so you can process EMV transactions and experience all the benefits of an integrated payment processing solution. The Genius platform integrated with your PaceSetter can provide your business with:

  • Real-time updates: Genius will now update your GL and payments to your customer accounts—no more manual entries at the end of the day.
  • EMV speed: Cayan’s ChipIQ™ technology achieves lightning-fast EMV processing times of just 3.66 seconds.
  • Security: Genius keeps sensitive customer data off your POS and reduces your PCI compliance overhead.
  • Integration: Genius’ integration provides seamless centralized reporting and lessens errors in credit card input. The platform eliminates the need for double data entry and accepts multiple-tender transactions.
  • Versatility: Genius uses a Verifone terminal that accepts all payment types, including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay and anything that comes next.

With nearly 600 million chip cards in U.S. consumers’ wallets today, EMV needs to be addressed. As a merchant, there’s several reasons you want to make sure you can accept EMV. It builds your customer confidence, relieves liability for chargebacks, and protects you against the rapid increase of fraud.

Sign up today! Install Cayan Genius and receive $100 off each of the next two months of your Blue Sage support bill—now is the time to act.