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ebizmarts has partnered with Cayan.

Today, as the line between the in-store and online realms continues to blur, consumers no longer view these channels as separate entities. They want to shop seamlessly across devices, anytime, anywhere. And to keep up, retailers need to start viewing the world the exact same way.

In partnership with ebizmarts, Cayan’s Genius®  solution combines secure payment acceptance and an engaging customer experience into one platform.

With Genius, customers can pay how and where they want and retailers can connect their online and in-store experiences to provide a simple, secure and unified commerce experience for their customers.

Cayan provides flexibility to retailers being both a payment gateway and payment processor.

Seamlessly integrated with ebizmarts.
ebizmarts is directly integrated to Cayan, ensuring your data is never compromised. 

EMV speed and payment flexibility

Cayan's Genius platform allows customers to pay how they want, where they want, and be on their way quickly.

  • Lightning fast EMV chip card speed with Cayan's ChipIQ™ technology
  • Accepts all payment types including EMV/chip cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and more
  • On-screen advertising
  • Non-financial signature capture 

And don’t worry, when the next new payment trend emerges, Genius will be ready to accept it —effortless, automatic updates through the cloud make sure of it. 

See how fast transaction times can be here.

Semi-integrated solution

ebizmarts is directly integrated to Cayan ensuring your data is never compromised.
  • Security, service and savings with Genius
  • Reduces PCI scope
  • Encrypts and tokenizes card holder data
  • No sensitive data touches ebizmarts

Unified Commerce

Customers today expect friction-free shopping as they move from one channel to another, but often disparate or legacy systems get in the way of retailers delivering this unified experience.

Cayan changes all that. Genius consolidates all of your payment devices into a single solution. And our Unified Commerce Solution™ Suite brings together all customer touchpoints—e-commerce, in-store, mobile, customer service, and more—in one secure, cloud-based platform, regardless of processor.

You’ll have the unprecedented ability to manage the entire customer experience across locations and between channels without ever touching cardholder data.

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