POS Developer's Next Steps forEMV Integration

If you are a POS developer or reseller wondering what you need to do to be ready for EMV, you have come to the right place. Cayan has been leading the charge for EMV readiness for over 18 months, and the only company that is making it easy for developers to enable their systems to accept EMV. To learn just how easy it can be, read on.

There are three levels of EMV certification

Level 1The Hardware

The hardware device, or terminal, is certified to be EMV enabled

Level 2The Software

The software that controls the device is certified to be EMV enabled

Level 3The Back-end

Back end certification with the processor is completed, creating an end-to-end EMV solution.

Start Here

Follow the path below to learn what you need to do to ensure you and your customers are ready for Level Three EMV certification long before the October deadline.

Level 1: Hardware Certification for Genius-enabled Devices

Cayan Genius is Level 1 certified and as a developer, there is nothing you need to do for the Level One certification.

Whatever payment type the industry considers "the next big thing", Genius is ready today…and already prepared for tomorrow.

Level 2: Genius spec updated for EMV

Genius is Level Two certified. Now it’s time for POS developers to write to the EMV spec for their POS software that integrates with Genius. Cayan makes this development easy with our online Genius emulator. Start coding today.

Get the spec & Access to our Genius Emulator

With Genius, the EMV spec is light development — you just need to add two receipt fields

If you are not already a Genius-integrated developer, it's easy and can often take only two weeks to certify.
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Developers submit to Cayan for certification

Once your coding and testing is complete, send your EMV spec to Cayan's Genius Certification Team and they will confirm your POS is ready for EMV.

You'll want to choose a few customers to test once we confirm your EMV spec. If you need some help in how to choose the right test customer, just let us know.

Level 3: Cayan completes end-to-end integration with our processors

In August, Cayan will finalize its back-end certification with our processors. This will certify our Level 3 EMV status. Genius-integrated POS developers, and their customers, will be able to seamlessly start accepting EMV payments on their POS.

Once Level 3 Certification is confirmed, Cayan's Genius Certification Team will contact you directly.

Not Genius certified? Find out how easy it can be

The Impact of EMV is Real

The US is one of last countries to adopt EMV and represents 47% of the local fraudulent transactions globally, but only 23% of the overall transactions.

Up to 78% of all counterfeit card fraud is carried out by countries that have not transitioned to EMV.

There are an estimated 2.36 billion EMV cards worldwide and 37 million EMV terminals.

$8.6 billion is the estimated total cost of annual fraud in the US (0.4% of the $2.1 trillion card payment industry)