Introducing Genius, the only payment solution you will ever need.

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With the powerful Genius payment platform by Cayan, your merchants can process chip card transactions, ensure PCI compliance and integrate with Retail Management Hero.

Eliminate chargeback liability.

Merchants not equipped to accept EMV payments can now be held liable for fraudulent payments made with chip cards. Offer Genius to your customers and reduce their risk.

EMV enabled

Genius streamlines card processing and lowers transaction risks.

  • Accelerates setup and simplifies use
  • Streamlines card transactions
  • Reduces chargeback risk

PCI compliant

Keep sensitive customer data off your POS with Genius.

  • Avoids potential time-consuming audits
  • Lowers risk of breaches
  • Builds customer confidence with secure transactions

One-box solution

Genius consolidates all the payment devices you currently use.

  • Eliminates need for multiple terminals
  • Accepts multiple payment types:
    swipe, PIN Debit, mobile, EMV, gift and loyalty
  • Comes with award-winning 24/7 support
  • Enables remote software updates

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